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Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid - COVID-19 Vaccination campaign Flanders
At the end of 2020, it was decided that the states would be responsible for operationalizing the inter-federal vaccination strategy. The inter-federal vaccination task force set the strategic lines and the states translated this into a workable operational and logistical model. The supply chain had not been defined at all by the end of 2020; there were only vague delivery promises from a few potential suppliers. It was therefore necessary to start from a blank sheet when building the entire logistics chain. The logistics flow, which was drawn up at lightning speed, ensured that Flanders is now among the absolute world leaders in terms of COVID vaccination coverage.

Video Pitch Vlaams Agentschap Zorg & Gezondheid:



DHL - Indoor Robotic transport Campus Bornem
DHL Supply Chain deploys first commercial fleet of autonomous Logisnext forklifts for Unilever’s warehouse operations in Mainland Europe (DHL Supply chain Campus Bornem – Belgium). Autonomous reach trucks will increase operational efficiency and agility, while working safely alongside DHL employees. The latest range the autonomous forklift move 1,000 pallets per day, creating a smooth, accurate and stable flow of goods within the warehouse, operating 24/7. The AGV’s can manage the transportation of base volumes, while manual forklifts can still be added if higher volumes are needed. This flexibility is crucial and is supported by the DHL Robotics Hub, a platform for standardized “plug & play” integration of robotic solutions into the warehouse management system.

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Tri-Vizor - CULT: Collaborative Urban Logistics & Transport
CULT stands for Collaborative Urban Logistics & Transport. It’s a community of companies sharing a common vision on how sustainable city logistics can be made efficient through smart consolidation of volume. The mission of CULT is to realize a Green Deal Delivery to safeguard the livability by smart consolidating and bundling flows of many companies at the periphery of the city. In Q1 2022, the first CULT operations have started in Antwerp with 13 companies.

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Stanley Black & Decker & Peripass - Autonomous yard operations, the road to onsite visibility & operational excellence
Stanley Black & Decker Tessenderlo is the European distribution center of the Stanley Black & Decker Group. On the 65.000 m2 site of Stanley Black & Decker in Tessenderlo, the loading and unloading docks are a hive of activity. To gain a good insight into all truck movements, Stanley Black & Decker enlisted the help of Yard Enabler Peripass. The result is better visibility of everything that takes place on the logistics site and a smoother flow of vehicles on the yard. Stanley Black & Decker uses the Peripass platform for easy call-off of truck and to gain real-time insight into all logistics activities and vehicles on site and to facilitate communication with international truck drivers. And finally, the scheduling and tasks of warehouse employees and security are also managed in the Peripass mobile Yard Operator App.

Video Pitch Stanley Black & Decker & Peripass:




The world's first Logistics Enablement platform empowering freight forwarding teams to work more efficiently and pleasantly, so you can deliver better service to customers and focus on meaningful tasks. Logistics teams are facing an unprecedented workload. Manual checks and keeping ETA’s in a spreadsheet are a thing of the past - your time is better spent being productive: leave the heavy lifting to Dockflow.

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Fullup is the company that connects storage tanks for an intelligent logistics management. It equips the storage tanks with a gauge that monitors their level in real time. Fullup collects precise data that is analyzed to provide highly valuable information through an app and a web dashboard. 

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Robonext is an IT company specialized in automating administrative processes. Based in Edegem and Liège, robonext implements software robots that automate repetitive business processes with Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Since 2019, robonext has already helped more than 60 customers reduce their administrative workload, increase productivity and improve employee job content.

Video Pitch Robonext:


Streamliner has the ambition to digitalize cross-company supply chain communication and collaboration using social tech. The Streamliner SaaS-platform combines the social communication layer with world leading slot booking functionalities, an order management tool, document sharing capabilities, a pro-active notification system and reporting functionalities. This creates a digital cross-company collaboration platform, connecting companies with their suppliers and carriers, giving full visibility for all stakeholders involved, all along the life cycle of an order.

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Supply Chain Award Project of the Year - Prize of the Audience

- 70% of the votes will be determined by the audience at the Supply Chain Awards event on November 17 at Event Lounge
- 30% of the votes will be determined by voting by the online community of Supply Chain Masters & PICS Belgium prior to the event

Supply Chain Award Start-up of the Year

- 40% of the votes are determined by the professional jury
- 30% of the votes will be determined by the audience at the Supply Chain Awards event on November 17 at Event Lounge
- 30% of the votes will be determined by voting by the online online community of Supply Chain Masters & PICS Belgium prior to the event

Deadline for online voting is November 13. 1 Vote per person.

    • 17-11-2022
    • 17:30 - 23:00
    • Event Lounge - Brussels